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Does my business need a Trademark w/ Attorney Andrea Sager

Being a business owner sucks sometimes. When you go through personal stuff you don’t get to take a month off to deal with it. The business needs you, and your employees need you. They need to feed their families and they count on you to bring in the work and sign their paychecks.

Andrea Sager is a business attorney who knows these lessons all too well. She is a brilliant Lawyer with a specialization in Trademarks. She wants to help people that are often overlooked by big firms.

However sometimes when you run your business life hits you and you end up having to support 2 house holds whole running a company and that is why it is so important to have a strong team around you who can handle the extra workload when life happens. In this episode Andrea explains why mindset is so important to a healthy life and success in business. Plus she explains why if you don’t have a trademark on your business you need to get one immediately. Its the best protection against competitors and those who are looking to make money off of your hard work.

To get help with your own trademark check out:
Follow her on IG for business advice @ andreasagerlaw
& check out her podcast @ The Legalpreneur Podcast

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How Tiffany Taylor went from homeless and sleeping on a yoga mat to Life coaching and 6 figures

If you found Tiffany on instagram it would be easy to assume she was an Influencer or made her living as an Instagram model. Her profile is full of travel photos and bikini beach photos. However if you take advantage of the free 30 minute call she offers you would realize that she is more than meets the eye.

Tiffany is a Life + Mindset Coach and she teaches clients how to breakthrough barriers in life and reach goals that they don’t realize they are capable of. Tiffany has helped clients to exceed sales goals that they didn’t know were possible. She has an incredible story as she started college at 16 years old, traveled to 20 countries and was accepted to University in Milan as a double major in Finance and economics.

She had some ups and downs and at one point was homeless, and within a year was making 6 figures and was living the high life with the company car. After a year and a half she gave everything up to travel the world and become a life coach where she is now free and able to live at the beach in Thailand and help people every day. This was an incredible interview where you will be inspired to see if you have what it takes to be a life coach and if not you can reach out directly to Tiffany in order to help you break through the barriers in your life in order to reach your goals.

Check her out @coachtiffanytaylor on instagram or book your free 30 minute call at

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Predicting the next 4 years if Joe wins or if Trump is re-elected, Sean Connery and his $450 million dollar blunder, The Disneyland pass that lost $2 billion dollars, Owning an NFL team Denver Broncos

Hey Everyone! We are back after a week off, we are here with another episode in business and politics news, what do the next 4 years look like under each different scenario. Hint, its going to be a Dark winter and there are going to be riots no matter who wins.

Then we talk about the man the myth the legend, Sean Connery and the $450 million dollar mistake. He turned down the movie role that would have defined his career past James Bond and would have changed movie history, instead he said no I’ll pass.

Do you feel unappreciated? Shonda Rhimes  did too even though she was bringing ABC/Disney 70 hours of tv content and 2 Billion dollars of revenue for her shows they still treated her like garbage, so she left for Netflix and a huge payday. See how even when you produce Big results companies still don’t see your value.

Learn what it takes to own a professional football team as we discuss the Denver Broncos history and team ownership. The 3.2 Billion dollar team was once almost owned in part by John Elway but he passed for a measly payday.

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Gaining 200 new customers per week using Pinterest – w/ Helen Munshi

Helen Munshi is a business growth and Pinterest strategist who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 6  years. Her company has grown substantially as she has helped coach and guide businesses from startup to profitable. Her secret?


Helen started at a large company in London when she realized she wanted something more fulfilling. She joined a charity that helped businesses get started and eventually went into coaching.  Eventually Helen found a way to increase sales that no one else was using, you guessed it. She found out that Pinterest is a gold mine if you know how to use it your sales can sky rocket. Check out this episode to see how Helen grows her email list by 200 emails per week on auto pilot from pins she created 2 years ago and learn the 3 things you can do today in order to increase traffic and sales to your website using Pinterest.

Get her 6 step process to attract more leads & make more sales for FREE using Pinterest:

Here is her mini course:

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Overcoming a Stroke, 3 Brain surgeries, Depression, Drug addiction and $1.2 Million in Medical debt w/ Kawan Glover

Life is tough sometimes but most of us forget how good we have it, Especially when you hear from guys like Kawan Glover who has experienced some of the toughest medical issues life can throw at someone.

At 20 years old Kawan suffered a stroke that damaged his body, this ended up leading to multiple brain surgeries, 3 in total. As you can imagine suffering these issues at such a young age lead to depression, anxiety suicidal thoughts and eventually a drug addiction from prescription pills. On top of all of these horrific issues Kawan had to deal with the American medical system which meant he had to pay $1.2 Million.

That was 6 years ago but instead of succumbing to depression and suicidal thoughts Kawan broke free to beat every issues life put in front of him. Today he is drug free an author and a life and business coach. Today he shares his story of how he overcame all of those issues and explains how the only thing that prevents success is the person in the mirror.

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Creating a 7 figure businesses using $100 and bootstrapping – With Ray Blakney


Ray Blakney’s Linkedin Profile says he is a CEO, Edupreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, 7-figure bootstrapper & part-time swordfighter. What it wont tell you is that Ray is genius businessman who has created multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses and he only spends $50-$100 to get started. Ray currently has, the 3rd largest online Spanish to English Education company in the world. The company has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes the Miami Herald, Buzzfeed and more.

In our interview Ray breaks down his system for starting businesses and talks about why most businesses fail. He talks about the 3rd biggest untapped market in the world that would benefit every entrepreneur and how to increase the chance of creating a successful company.

Ray also helps to give some advice to young podcasters w/ the brilliant technique he used to batch create a podcast which quickly reached the top of iTunes and now helps to grow his multi-million dollar Language company. Every entrepreneur should listen to the ideas that Ray breaks down as it can open up sales to more than $500 million more customers  that were previously being ignored.



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Turn your skills into profit with online courses for less than $100 w/ Noah Mittman


Before Covid Noah was making $100,000+ per year running a video production company, He was overworked, bored with his job and had no time to spend with his family. Then the plague hit and he lost all of his clients, with no work and no money he tried to make money creating commercials with little success.

He decided to take an online course with Amy Porterfield and it changed everything. She taught him how to take what he was already doing with his commercial and fill a niche. In Amy’s group he found that everyone needed help and thats when it clicked. Everyone has something special that they do better than others and they can make money if they teach others.

They just needed to know how to easily and professionally create that course. Thats why Noah created the Film Your Online Course At Home Webinar to teach clients exactly how to quickly and easily create courses that make cash fast. In this episode you will learn why now is the time to get into the business and how to start today.

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Interview w/ Dan Chan aka The Billionaires Magician & Silicon Valleys’ Favorite Magician

In this weeks episode I get to talk business with Dan Chan dubbed the Billionaire magician the man who is so good the billionaires come knocking when they want to be entertained. He has performed in front of thousands of people for corporate parties and private parties in Silicon Valley, and if there is one thing about Dan its that he is a genius Entrepreneur who books events that pay him $10,000 for a single performance.

In this interview Dan explains how magic has been so profitable for him because he is definitely all about the business of magic. He teaches how to make money in an industry by finding your niche and also how to differentiate from the competition, and how to get all the money you can especially when dealing with billionaires and trillion dollar companies.

Dan is working to perfect his skills and its very likely you will be seeing him on a much larger platform like Netflix or Apple TV so if you’re work from home or wanting to experience something new check out and book him before prices go up.

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