Laura BSquared.Social
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How to Create the Reels that increase Sales and Instagram Followers ft. Laura Bsquared.Social

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In Todays episode we have instagram Reels Expert Laura an Entrepreneur who focuses on Simplifying Instagram + Reels for biz owners. Her Clients have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Insider with Over 2000 learners in her Reels programs. Next week she is launching a new program to help New Members explode in business and make Reels even easier with a searchable database for trending sounds to make sure each one of your posts gets the maximum reach.

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Jane Lee
Angel Investor,

How to Build a company that Attracts Angel Investors ft. Jane Lee Co-Founder of Launch Pop


Jane Lee is the co-founder of Launch Pop, a brand studio that helps founders launch and grow their DTC business. Launch pop helps companies scale from ground zero all the way up to 7 figures. Jane also talks about how partnerships can end horribly and how her current partnership is thriving and the key to it. If you are a founder who is interested in working with Jane, reach out here



AJ Davis
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The Easiest way to make your Website better in 30 minutes or less ft. AJ Davis founder of Experiment Zone

AJ helps online businesses grow their revenue by improving the User Experience of their website using scientific methods.  If you want some quick tips to increase your income by making some easy updates to your website check out this episode.

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Craig Lewis
Coaching, Pinterest,

Craig Lewis | Founder of Pin And Grow | Pinterest Growth Expert



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Craig Lewis is a Pinterest Marketing Specialist and Founder of Pin&Grow, an agency that helps eCommerce owners scale their business through two main advertising strategies: paid and organic. In 2019 he attended a mastermind in Thailand which helped him enhance his professional life by creating this successful content and marketing agency dedicated to eCommerce brands.

In 2021, his company became one of the very few Pinterest’s Approved Partners in the world, allowing him to offer unique, customized services to eComm owners using Pinterest. Craig and his team of specialists are ready to show eComm businesses new ways to achieve their full potential, helping them increase sales and build authority with this often overlooked, and underutilized growth platform.


Brad Rice
Consulting, Entrepreneur,

Bradly Rice | CEO Talent Stacker | Salesforce – Helping anyone land a Job starting $72k

Helping anyone on the planet land a job as a Salesforce professional. Average starting income is $72,000 and will reach $100k+ within 24 months. Fully remote jobs with full benefits etc… The transition can be done completely free online in under 6 months or using a program like ours for under $2500 to walk you through each step to job landed. Interview Topics: – How to land a job in the the Modern Tech Job Market – Why there are literally millions of Salesforce jobs available and no one seems to know – How to become a Salesforce professional in 3-6 months, in just 10-15 hours/week – How to make $72k+ in a fully remote entry-level role with full benefits quickly – Understanding the Salesforce ecosystem and why there is so much opportunity



Saksham Sharda
E-Commerce, Entrepreneur,

Saksham Sharda | CIO @ | No Code Marketing


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Saksham Sharda is the Creative Director and CIO of Outgrow, the world’s first all-in-one Interactive Content Platform.

Outgrow lets marketers build and launch interactive calculators and viral quizzes that help engage your website visitors and generate more leads.

With multiple top 10 launches on, Saksham is an expert at developing and promoting new products.


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