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Getting into Harvard w/ Sarah Alcorn – Harvard Graduate, Private investigator & Co-Host of the Ivy league Murders podcast

Harvard University is the first college founded in the United States and is globally ranked in the top 3 Universities in the world. I wanted to know what life is like growing up and how that plays an effect for starting your own business. Today I got those questions answered by a 4th generation Legacy Alumni Sarah Alcorn. Sarah has a family history of going to Harvard all the way back to her Great Grandfather.

In this episode Sarah tells me what life is like growing up with the pressure of trying to carry on the torch of getting into Harvard. How she was able to use her connection to find a mentor who led her to the dream job she has now as a Private Investigator. Sarah works on criminal defense trials to find evidence of innocence and she isn’t afraid to get dirty putting on a disguise in order to get what she needs.

Sarah also co-hosts a new and exciting podcast called ivy league murders where her and her co-host Laura McDonald delve into stories about those people who are by all accounts brilliant ivy league graduates who end up committing heinous murders. Check her out on apple podcasts its sure to be a huge success very soon.




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How to make money Flipping houses & Cashing in on AirBNB even if you don’t own your own house – w/ Tom Swan


Tom Swan has been born into the world of business, his parents ran a family retail business and in his early 20’s he helped to take their business to the next level by helping them increase revenue 10 fold. Eventually Tom went out on his own and in his first year of business was almost in the black but due to twice in a lifetime bad weather it caused him to go out of business.

On his way out he went down swinging by spending the money he had left on a flip house that he believed would be worth half a million dollars. His gamble paid off netting him a six figure profit and he even aired on an episode of first time flippers.

With the profits in hand Tom decided to move to a better housing market and after settling in Arizona he went right to work investing in properties in AJ, and took a few lumps with bad contractors that cost him time and thousands of dollars.

Tom also was learned how to make money by renting houses and then renting them out on AirBNB and he gives some great insight and real numbers for getting started using this method and how much money can be made using this model.

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Entrepreneur Interview – Gary Arndt, 3x Travel photographer of the year, photo blogger and Podcaster

In this weeks episode I got the chance to interview one of the most well traveled men on planet earth Gary Arnt. After selling his house in 2007, Gary decided he wanted to travel everywhere and do what many others day dream about. For the past 12 years Gary has learned how to be a world class photographer, and fund his dream to travel the globe with a world class blog, podcasts and photos that deserve to be out of a calendar.

Due to Covid-19 Gary has been grounded which means he is finding other ways to generate his income. He has started to focus on his Daily podcast, everything everywhere and in this episode he tells me all about how he got his start in the early 90’s and some tips for those who dream about being a future globe trotter.

Check him out at.

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Entrepreneur Interview – Veronica Sopher co-founder of HCS vintage box (Mail order subscription business)

Entrepreneur Interview with Veronica Sopher the co-founder of hcsvintage box which is a mail order subscription service  for vintage comic books, graphic novels, video games, action figures, toys, t-shirts, trading cards, memorabilia, & so much more! Each set has a retail value of $100!

They curate the perfect box for every customer from first time collector to a hard core hobbyist  and In this interview  She teaches me all about the subscription box service model  and how vintage toys are making a huge comeback! The reason why her pricing for the boxes was easy to figure out in their industry and how someone getting started with a subscription box should be an expert in their field before getting started as that will prevent growing pains.

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